Category 2017 dodge journey yellow 20 amp fuse full

2017 dodge journey yellow 20 amp fuse full

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. More info. Fuel pump relays are soldered to one of six circuit boards located deep inside your fuse box, so they are very difficult to access and change. Users simply need to plug their cable into two fuse slots and optionally attach an alligator clip to chassis ground if any testing is desired.

Our cables also permit the fuel pump to be powered on when the vehicle is off, which often allows you to narrow down the problem to the TIPM by eliminating the fuel pump as the problem. We invented this cable in and tens of thousands are in use around the world.

This is great news and we're exited to share it with everyone. This cable type containing mini-blade fuses works on the TIPM-7 style fuse box shown throughout this page. Vehicles with the same style fuse box as shown on this page will work. It's normal to have fuses and relays in different locations on this style TIPM, depending on your vehicle options and model.

The following table will help you determine which type of cable is best. We sell two different types of pre-built cables Simple and Standard as well as a kit that you can use to build your own. Our Standard cable adds a LED and the capability to test your fuel pump relay output and it's our most popular cable.

More information is located here. A printed color copy of these instructions is included with each order. The design is fairly easy to build and there are two versions, depending on your need.

If you have questions, please email us. The simplest version consists of two 20 amp "add a circuit" mini-blade cables soldered together, along with four mini 20 amp yellow fuses. Make sure your add a circuit cable can handle 20 amps of current.

You might be able to buy them at your local auto parts store, but many people are reporting they can only find the 10 amp version which could cause the wire to overheat since most fuel pumps require amps. With this design, you're taking power from fuse slot M7 rear cigarette lighter or the newer M37 and providing it to fuse slot M25 fuel pump.

This version will keep your vehicle on the road by bypassing a defective fuel pump relay, and allow you to test your fuel pump.

2017 dodge journey yellow 20 amp fuse full

Be sure to add some heat shrink or electrical tape to the soldered connection between the two add-a-circuit cables. Directions on how to bypass a defective fuel pump relay and test your fuel pump are listed below. A more complex version adds a 12 VDC green LED and ground wire alligator clip, permitting detailed testing of the fuel pump relay and fuel pump.

The wiring diagram below shows how they are soldered together. With this assembly, you'll be able to use the LED to see if the fuel pump relay or fuel pump is bad. Directions on how to test your fuel pump relay, fuel pump, and how to bypass a defective fuel pump relay are listed below. This design came to life after my Dodge Durango Crew started to experience starting problems shortly after the warranty expired in My vehicle would intermittently turn over, but never start due to a lack of fuel.

This normally happened in the morning, when the vehicle was cold.

2017 dodge journey yellow 20 amp fuse full

Repeated attempts to start the vehicle were successful for awhile, but eventually it wouldn't start at all. After researching the problem via the internet, I found numerous complaints and even a class action lawsuit filed against Dodge for defective TIPMs.

Through analysis and testing I'm an engineerI was eventually able to determine that my TIPM-mounted fuel pump relay was faulty and repair it myself.

Since my starting problem was intermittent most failures occur when the car has been sitting for awhileI knew it might be difficult to get it to fail at the dealership. All day long, the vehicle started up properly at the service department and I was told there was no problem.

As luck would have it, the vehicle failed to start just as I tried to leave the dealership and I was able to prove there was indeed a problem. Further investigation by the dealer narrowed it down to a TIPM or fuel pump.

Dodge Journey Dashboard Warning Lights

It was only a few months out of warranty, which didn't make me very happy.Asked by M. New batteryno lights or switches left on but battery continues to draincharging system is good also. Nancy answered 2 years ago. James answered 2 years ago. I got a 3. Her battery dies overnight. I did the amp draw test with my meter and it was pulling 2.

Was pulling fuses under the hood no change. Then I pulled the radio 15 amp fuse under the glove box. The amp draw dropped to. The bad thing is if you need the AC or Heat the controls for that does not work once the radio fuse is pulled. Now there is another issue this seemed to happen when the bluetooth module for the radio quit working. I will try to get around on disconnecting the bluetooth module to see if the AMP draw is around. Even 0. I'm thinking at 0.

I was not going to wait that long to see when it actually powers off to a lower amp value. Does anyone have the specs on amp draw it supposed to be? Hajduk answered 2 years ago.

Hi James, Have you had a response on the battery drain problem you were having. Would be keen to find out as I have the same problem. Dodgeadodge answered 2 years ago. Philippjordan answered 2 years ago. James come back!!! Same problem here. Where is the recall???? I see this complaint often Christopher answered 2 years ago. Just had mine taken in for the same thing. After 2 days at the dealership we are being told its a parasitic draw from the starter motor. Our journey is aand should not be having these issues.

Its all the more frustrating that Chrysler is aware of both issues, hoping they are willing to good will the repairs but we will see. GuruX44ZL answered 2 years ago.Table of Contents.

2017 dodge journey yellow 20 amp fuse full

Be assured that it represents precision workmanship, distinctive styling, and high quality. Your new FCA US vehicle has characteristics to enhance the driver's control under some driving conditions. Instrument Cluster Display Controls pg. Instrument Cluster pg. Instrument Cluster Display pg. Temperature Gauge 2. Tachometer 3. Fuel Gauge 5. Speedometer 6. The turn signal lights will flash, and the horn will chirp to acknowledge the signal.

To remove the emergency key, slide the button at the back of the key fob sideways with your thumb and then pull the key out with your other hand.

A deploying passenger front air bag can cause death or serious injury to a child 12 years or younger, including a child in a rear-facing child restraint.

2017 dodge journey yellow 20 amp fuse full

You might suffer internal injuries, or you could even slide out of the seat belt. Follow these instructions to wear your seat belt safely and to keep your passengers safe, too. Enter the vehicle and close the door. Sit back and adjust the seat.

The seat belt latch plate is above the back of the front seat, and next to your arm in the rear seat for vehicles equipped with a rear seat. Push or squeeze the anchorage button to release the anchorage, and move it up or down to the position that serves you best. Buckle the combination lap and shoulder belt. Grasp the shoulder portion and pull downward until the entire seat belt is extracted. If the ignition switch is in the OFF position or in the ACC position, the air bag system is not on and the air bags will not inflate.

The front air bags are a supplement to the seat belt restraint systems.


The driver front air bag is mounted in the center of the steering wheel. A low energy output is used in less severe collisions. A higher energy output is used for more severe collisions. The front air bags fully inflate in less time than it takes to blink your eyes.

Occupants, including children, should never lean on or sleep against the door, side windows, or area where the side air bags inflate, even if they are in an infant or child restraint. The ORC determines whether the deployment of the Side Air Bags in a particular rollover event is appropriate, based on the severity and type of collision. This does not mean something is wrong with the air bag system. Carefully check the vehicle for fuel leaks in the engine compartment and on the ground near the engine compartment and fuel tank before resetting the system and starting the engine.

NOTE: EDR data are recorded by your vehicle only if a non-trivial crash situation occurs; no data are recorded by the EDR under normal driving conditions and no personal data e. Do not install a rear-facing car seat using a rear support leg in this vehicle. The floor of this vehicle is not designed to manage the crash forces of this type of car seat. In a crash, the support leg may not function as it was designed by the car seat manufac- turer, and your child may be more severely injured as a result.

It could come loose in a collision.Skip to main content. Filter by vehicle:.

How to Troubleshoot a Backup Camera That's Not Working

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If your backup camera problems seem a bit too overwhelming or out of your skillset, talk to a mechanic to get help. But first, to get the obvious troubleshooting steps out of the way, put your car in reverse. What does the display say? Do you have black and white visual noise? That said, the distance from basic issue to easy fix and then onto finding out your camera has bit the dust can be pretty short.

There are a number of reasons that your camera might be giving you this message. Possibly, a fuse may have blown or a wire may have frayed and become disconnected. This is probably the best case scenario with these kinds of issues. If you have a wired backup camera, wiring is more likely the problem. Again, checking your fuses to ensure everything is connected and not blown and going and tracing the wiring and cables from the camera to the display will reveal the problem to you.

If your display is embedded in the dashboard, start at the camera and work to the display, as removing a dashboard display can be a difficult process, and you only want to do it as a last resort. Make sure all of the cables and connections in your backup camera system are fully connected and repair any damage. If you installed the monitor yourself, double check your work.

Plugging the camera into the AUX dash cable rather than video feed is a common problem with home installs. Check it for damage, and replace it if necessary. We can match you with the right camera for your vehicle, be it commercial or for personal use.

Now, on to the frequent questions! Why is my backup camera not working?

Dodge Journey (2014 – 2017) – fuse box diagram

Why does my backup camera say no signal? Why is my backup camera black and white? Why is my backup camera screen black? What if I need a new camera? Related Posts. Take The steps to find your camera. Recent posts. Why are Ford Diesels So Cheap?Here we explore the dashboard warning lights for the Dodge Journey. The Dodge Journey has been on sale since and the dashboard instrument cluster layout and warning lights location may vary depending on the year of manufacture.

This is a bulb check. If the airbag light no longer comes on, the bulb may be faulty and require replacement.

If the airbag light comes on while driving or stays on constantly, it means there's a fault with the airbag system. Along with the warning light, a single chime will also sound indicating a fault. The brake light informs the driver that the parking brake is applied. Ensure the parking brake is fully released. If the brake light stays on, check the brake fluid level. If the brake fluid is at an acceptable level and the brake warning light remains on, there's a possible malfunction with the hydraulic brake system or brake booster.

The brake booster system applied greater force to the brakes when the driver presses the pedal. In this instance, the vehicle may take longer to stop than expected and the brakes may not perform as normal.

It's essential that the fault is rectified immediately before driving. Note The brake warning light may occasionally flash when going round corners due to brake levels changing. This isn't a fault, but if this happens, check the brake fluid reservoir. Security Name: Dodge Journey vehicle security warning light. Engine Temp Name: Dodge Journey engine temperature warning light. Description: The engine temperature warning light comes on when the engine is too hot or overheating.

If the warning light comes on 1. If the air conditioning system is on, switch it off. Switch on the heater to maximum with maximum fan speed. This helps to draw heat away from the engine.

If the warning light remains on, pull over and stop the vehicle. Leave the engine running at idle.Ad vertisements. In this article, we consider the first-generation Dodge Journey after a facelift, available from to the present. Here you will find fuse box diagrams of Dodge Journey,andget information about the location of the fuse panels inside the car, and learn about the assignment of each fuse fuse layout.

Cigar lighter power outlet fuses in the Dodge Journey are the fuses F, F and F in the Instrument panel fuse box. The interior fuse panel is located on the passenger side under the instrument panel. The power distribution center PDC is located in the engine compartment. How to check the fuses? How to replace a blown fuse? Why do car fuses blow? Types of automotive fuses.

Table of Contents. Interior Fuses. Underhood Fuses Power Distribution Center. A label that identifies each component is printed on the inside of the cover. Learn more: How to check the fuses? We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Ok Privacy policy.