Category Yum list installed packages by size

Yum list installed packages by size

These examples should serve as a useful introduction, guide or cheat sheet style resource for how to use the yum command in Linux. Note that after confirming the packages that will be installed, you will be asked to provide input. This way we will not be prompted for any input and yum will assume that everything will be answered with yes. Note that in this example we were not prompted for input, as assume yes has been provided, so the package was installed fully without any further user interaction.

This does not actually perform any updates, it simply gives us a list of packages that have updates available for installation. In the previous example we have been provided with a list of packages that currently have package updates available.

Download Package RPM File Rather than installing a package from the repository as demonstrated previously, we can optionally download the. In this example we will install the.

List All Installed Packages with yum on CentOS 7

Note that in order to remove a package, all other packages which depend on it will also be removed. In the above example, the httpd-manual package that we installed previously requires the httpd package.

Therefore when we remove the httpd package, httpd-manual must go too. We can specify a new repository by manually editing or creating a new. We simply provide a known repository URL in the —add-repo option, and this creates a.

We can now install or update packages from this newly specified mirror. There may be times when we want to perform an action while enabling or disabling a specific repository.

For example if we want to install a particular package, we may want to ensure that it comes from a specific mirror. If we have the same packages available at multiple repositories we may wish to disable one and update or install from a specific repository. This can be done by disabling the repository with --disablerepo.

This can also be used against a file on the file system to check which package provides that file. As shown below, this provides us with useful information such as the architecture, version number, release number, total size, as well as a description of what the package actually does.

This can be used before a package is installed or after installation, the same information will be provided in both situations. The yum history contains all actions that have been performed by the yum command. This allows us to see what has happened to our Linux system over time, and even undo, redo, or roll back a transaction.

The newest transactions appear at the top of the list, and we can view further information of a transaction by specifying its ID, as shown below. So the most recent transaction with the ID of 15 was used to remove the httpd package. Now we can undo this transaction if we want, which should install the httpd package again, as this will undo the removal.

There are times when you may want to delete this cached data, such as if a repository has updated packages but your Linux system has incorrect or stale cached data which may cause various problems when attempting to install a package. I have not included the full output here as I have hundreds of packages installed on my system, however this small snippet should give you an idea of what to expect.

When piped into the grep command this becomes extremely powerful as it allows us to search for a specific package to see if it is installed. In the above example we learned how to list currently installed packages on our Linux system with the yum command, now we want to be able to query a repository and list its available packages instead.

As we can see we have over packages currently installed, however in the repository there are almost packages in total for us to install. Packages that are related to each other may be grouped together into a package group. This allows us to install, update, or remove the package group which is actually made up or many other individual packages.

We can optionally exclude a specific package from update, installation or removal with the -x command which will exclude that package. With the -R option we can specify a maximum random time in minutes that yum will wait before executing the command, somewhere within this time period will be selected at random.

As you have seen in the above examples, the yum command can provide quite a bit of output. In the example below we completely uninstall a package with yum and have no messages output.

In the below verbose example we can see additional information in the output that was not previously available.Yum is the default package manager used in CentOS, used to interact with both individual RPM package files and many repositories.

yum list installed packages by size

For example:. As you can see from the output, this command line command will show you a long list of all installed packages, including the package name, package version and the repository name from which the package was installed. Or, useless at the end of this command:. It will allow you to view one screenful at a time.

In order to see all packages, both installed and available, you can use the following command:. Also, you can use grep to filter the output and list specific packages only. For example, if you want to list all installed PHP packages, use the following command:. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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yum list installed packages by size

Managed Solutions. SSL by brand. SSL by Type. Or, useless at the end of this command: yum list installed less It will allow you to view one screenful at a time. In order to see all packages, both installed and available, you can use the following command: yum list available Also, you can use grep to filter the output and list specific packages only.

For example, if you want to list all installed PHP packages, use the following command: yum list installed grep -i php php-php-gettext.I have added a new repository into my repositories and I want to list all packages. Find the total count of packages and filter some of the packages I am interested in. And now we can start the process.

E3 - CentOS 8 - Working with YUM \u0026 DNF

This will check all currently enabled repositories. We have listed all packages. As we see first installed packages are listed. We can see that there is also package versions which will print current package version with the repository version like el7.

yum list installed packages by size

While listing packages we may need to specific packages. We will get the help of grep command while using yum list. We will grep packages which name have stack.

If we need only installed packages to list we need to provide the installed at the end of the yum list command like below. If we want too list specific packages which is all ready installed in the current system we will use the grep command again.

How to list YUM repositories in RHEL / CentOS

In this example we will list packages which names contains user. During the package operations all transactions are stored in the yum history. We can list this history with the history list command like below.

Because this command may contains sensitive data we need to use root privileges if not we will get an error like Error: This command has to be run under the root user. Distributions like CentOS, Fedora, RedHat provides group packages which contains multiple package to setup different environments.

These environments can be development, XFCE etc. We can use grouplist in order to list this group packages. As we can see from screenshot that there is different packages like Environment Groups, Installed Environment Groups etc.

In some cases we may need to filter listed group packages. We will again use grep command in order to filter listed group packages. We can count packages too. We can count total packages those starts with a like below. List All Repository Packages. Filter Packages. List Installed Packages. Filter Installed Packages. List Package History. List Group Packages. Filter Group Packages.This how-to guide includes various commands along with examples to check details about repositories and their packages in Red Hat systems.

Run command yum repolist and it will show you all repositories configured under YUM and enabled for use on that server. In the above output, you can see the repo list with repo id, repo name, and status. Also, last repo rsawaroha we added for installation of xsos tool used to read sosreport. Last column of yum repolist output is status which has numbers in it.

You might be wondering, what is the meaning of status numbers in yum repolist? They are a number of packages included in the respective repository! Each repositories details like name, id, number of packages available, total size, link details, timestamps, etc can be viewed by using verbose mode.

Use -v switch with yum repolist to view repositories details. Under YUM you have the choice to enable or disable repositories.

Show installed yum packages by size

Similarly, you can list only disabled yum repositories as well. Use yum repolist disabled. If you want to list packages from the particular repository then use below switches —. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.Welcome to LinuxQuestions. You are currently viewing LQ as a guest. By joining our community you will have the ability to post topics, receive our newsletter, use the advanced search, subscribe to threads and access many other special features.

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For more advanced trainees it can be a desktop reference, and a collection of the base knowledge needed to proceed with system and network administration. This book contains many real life examples derived from the author's experience as a Linux system and network administrator, trainer and consultant. They hope these examples will help you to get a better understanding of the Linux system and that you feel encouraged to try out things on your own.

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yum list installed packages by size

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